BBQ: It’s the Pits

Have you ever wished that you could make your own BBQ pit so you could master the taste like your favorite BBQ joint does?  Well, you can.  It’s not as difficult nor as costly as you might think.  In fact, you can build one right in your own backyard for next to nothing.

Start out by determining where you want the pit to be placed in your yard.  Of course you will want it away from any area that children will be playing in.  You may want to set it up in a good spot where you and your guests can hang out while the meat is cooking and remember that your pit can double for an open fireplace to warm up by on cold evenings.  With those things in mind, mark your spot and place one 3 foot iron rod in each of the four corners.  Pound them down with a mallet.

Dig down a little over a foot around the perimeter of the pit.  Fill with three to four inches of small, pea gravel.  Layer bricks above the gravel and then place more gravel on the bricks.  Then you are ready to wrap chicken wire along the outside perimeter of the pit.  Secure it to the stakes with wire.

Assemble retaining wall stone by placing a layer of the stones against each other along the perimeter.  Gaps in the stones will allow for air to through.   You can find a variety of these wall stones so take your pick of which you like the best as any are fine to use.

Apply four layers of stones, total.  Once you have finished, drive the stakes into the ground to be even with the stones.  Now you are ready to scatter charcoal and wood in the middle of the pit and lay a grill across it.  Fire it up and let the cooking begin.

You can use the same formula for this pit and vary it slightly for different types of materials.  You can substitute cinder blocks for the retaining stone or you can use river rocks.  You can make the pit larger or smaller too.

If you are more comfortable purchasing a pre-assembled kit, that option is also available.  You can have the plans customized and do the rest yourself or, you can have all of the work done for you and even tailored to any specifications you would like.  I have seen u-shaped pits, heart shaped pits and pits in the shape of Texas.  There is no end to the creative touches you can add to your pit.  After all, we BBQ lovers take our pits quite seriously.

Not only will your pit produce some of the best tasting BBQ there is, it will be the source of many a great time spent hovered around it, anticipating the meal and enjoying it as well.  So light the fire and gather round with your favorite friends and family.  Here’s to great BBQ and great times too!