Big on Taste: Best BBQ Spots in The State of Texas


Texas is big on BBQ so you can rest assured that there are some really great places to grab a delicious BBQ in the Lone Star State.  There are old places, famous places and places that are hidden hole-in-the-walls too.  Many have been visited by the rich and famous and others have books that have been written about them.  If you are going to be in Texas, you will not be lacking for great BBQ.  That is for sure.

Texas is divided into four regions, South, Central, East and West.  The geography and culture differs quite a bit in the different areas as does the BBQ that is made and served in them.  South Texas, being near the Mexico border, boasts Spanish influence in their BBQcabrito pits  Not only is the method of cooking often done in a hole in the ground and the sauce usually a bit on the spicy side, you never know but what a goat or sheep might be on the menu rather than beef.

Central Texas is most known for its signature smoking sensations with Czech and German roots.  You can often pop into a meat market for a tasty treat but don’t pass up the BBQ joints there or you will be missing out for sure.  East Texas is popular for sweet sauced meat that literally falls off the bone and West Texas takes great pride in its mesquite infused BBQ.

One of the best places to go in Texas for BBQ is Luling City Market in the Galleria area of Houston, just off Highway 1-10, east of San Antonio and south of Austin.  It’s been around for over 30 years.  The meat is cooked over a custom made pit over Post Oak wood and the sauce is to die for.  You won’t find any forks or knives at this joint.  If you are in the area, don’t miss out on this legendary BBQ heaven.

Another great place to dine for BBQ is also in Houston.  The Goode Company is the spot to go for “melt in your mouth” meat cooked over mesquite.  It too has been around for over 30 years so it is rich in history as well as in taste.

About 50 miles northeast of Austin, is another exceptional BBQ joint called Snow’s.  If you are going to test this one out, you had better get there on Saturday because that is the only day of the week it is open.  BBQ is served from eight in the morning until it runs.  You may find the hours of operation odd but the BBQ is undeniably delicious.

In Lockhart, Black’s is the place to go for its famous ribs along with sausage and pork loin too.  Black’s is known for its smoky tasting, spicy meat.  If you are in doubt of how to get there, just follow the signs.  You can’t miss the signature oversized signs that will point the way.

Around the Dallas area, you will find a slew of great BBQ places.  Mike Anderson’s is a local favorite.  Known for its hickory-smoked pork ribs, beef brisket and other great pieces of smoked meats, this restaurant has great sides as well.  You won’t leave hungry.  They are also famous for their heaping helpings and hospitality as well.

There are a ton of tasty BBQ spots in Texas, without a doubt.  Some are famous and some are just plain ole good.  Just about anywhere in the state that you have a hankering, you are sure to find some of the best BBQ in the entire world.