Good Ribs Need Good Bibs

We love our BBQ here in Houston (and all over Texas, of course!). We specialize in secret sauces and super deluxe state-of-the-art grills. We pass things down from generation to generation. We have our own techniques, side dishes, favorite beverages and even charcoal types. This is serious eating business and we are world-renowned for it. It can be a real mess at times, if not most of the time, and cleanup is no fun. If everyone gets into the act, however, it can be fast and easy. Reward the kids with s’mores when they are done.

BBQ goes with paper plates and cups. You should keep it simple. Your big serving platters can even be disposable. You will have cooling utensils and the grill to contend with, but that’s all. Plastic spoons, knives, and forks are cheap and well worth the little extra expense. Most people eat chicken and ribs with their hands in any case, so you won’t use many. Remember to store leftovers for the next day in dispensable containers, which means make plenty of extra food.

Then there is the inevitable personal cleanup time. You better wear an old t-shirt or a bib for those drippy ribs in particular. Plenty of paper napkins will help, so keep them coming. The big mess is part of the fun, especially for the kids with sauce-laden faces, and grandma can make special bibs for them. You might want one as well once you see her great handiwork (and her glowing pride). My grandmother used to embroider our names on all kinds of things and do theme clothing and room décor. Why not bibs? I bet yours would be game. These ladies love the adoration it produces. Bibs can be a great birthday or holiday gift, and mom and dad could get matching aprons just for the BBQ occasion.

My grandma did everything by hand as she could crochet and knit, but yours may have a trusty sewing machine perfect for any job with all those fancy attachments for decorative stitchery and embroidery. She might even hand paint the bibs with waterproof hues. Mom can get into the act if grandma is not the homemaker type, but this is indeed rare! Or the family can do it as a communal activity. Life in Texas can revolve around outdoor cooking in so many ways it seems. It is truly the good life, my friend.

What do you see on your personal bib? Designing one is often more fun than the execution for most people. Give grandma some hints. Do you want a steer or a chicken? Do you want words like “great BBQ chef,” “award winning griller” or “BBQ genius?” You can add piping, appliques, and more. A nice handmade tablecloth would add pizzazz and glamour to the usual casual event. But then you have to wash it, so think long and hard on this one. Just make it festive and get grandma into the act. She will treasure your attention.